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Coming to Amsterdam? The best way to discover the city is by bike. But, Amsterdam is also a busy city, with 800.000 bicycles and many cars, trams and other vehicles. Bike Like a Local for the iPhone helps you bike around Amsterdam safely, tells you where and how to park your bike, and helps you remember where you parked your bike.

Bike Like a Local knows about more than 60.000 bicycle parking spaces in 17.000 different locations in Amsterdam. In addition, it contains data for guarded parking spaces around Amsterdam. Every day, 200 bicycles are stolen and 150 are removed by the city. To make sure yours won't be among them, Bike Like a Local also includes handy parking tips for parking a bike safely and properly. But should something happen, it also helps out with relevant contact information.

Winner 2nd prize mobility in Apps for Amsterdam 2012

In a city like Amsterdam, with 80.000 bikes in just the center of the city, it's easy to forget where you parked your bike, and lose it among the others. With Bike Like a Local, you can store the location of your bike with the press of a button. And, Bike Like a Local also contains tips for safe cycling in Amsterdam for the novice cyclist, so that you don't end up among the 40 cyclists that end up in hospital with serious injuries every month. All features except the maps are also available offline.

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